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Estater is a real estate data company helping people know their properties and locations better. Use the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Science to make smart real estate decisions. Estater Merter is prominent tool for decision making in real estate property valuations and overview the various property attributes such as Amenities, Highways, Visibility, corner....etc. Estater Meter Compare and estimate the values of similar real estate properties at the same point in time. Estater Meter is a combination of multiple machine learning algorithem for estimating the property price.

Estater Approach for Database Building

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Estater Meter

Estater Meter use the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Science to make smart real estate decisions. Estater Merter is prominent tool for decision making....

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Estater MI

Market intelligence is a comprehensive real estate data analytics tool which uses real estate data to generate customizable reports on various segments of real estate...

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Coverage Database


Across all zoning 346,366
Land Plots House Apartment Retail
Industrial Office Hospitality


Across all zoning 218,217
Land Plots House Apartment Retail
Industrial Office Hospitality


Across all zoning 122,332
Land Plots House Apartment Retail
Industrial Office Hospitality


Across all zoning 1,154,983
Land Plots House Apartment Retail
Industrial Office Hospitality
Our Trusted Clients

Strategy Involves

Industrial Segment

Our experts with fundamental industrial knowledge in combination with the core data we gather can provide you the yardsticks of the market and feasibility studies as per your desired specialty. We put maximum attention to provide decisive reports and data for your business concerns.

Retail and F&B Segment

With our inclusive data, we support our clients to comprehend the current and future market trends in retail market and advise them in all investments decisions. Your focus area may be a retail mall, retail plaza, retail community center, F&B or a combination of all; we collect unit wise data and present them to our client in the form of comprehensive report with proficient answers as required.

Hospitality Segment

An industry with fluctuating trend lines require attentive study and accurate data, our specialists are keen to provide you the best market insights and trend study for this segment. A demand catchment study, feasibility report, trend analysis and what not, we are here to answer all your queries and concerns pertaining to decisive output.

Commercial Segment

Based on our technical standards and niche data collection methods, we drive our clients to take a decision concerning developing or selecting an office space. Our data is competitive enough to provide market insights and drive investment decisions.

Residential Segment

We are focused to deliver excellence with our niche based data analytics and convey to you the market standpoint. Our benchmark study by the professionals includes all types of residential properties, be it house, villa, apartments, town house etc.


Estater provides a variety of real estate research and advisory services to help its clients take better decision

Project Feasibility Study

Over 100 project feasibility studies delivered so far in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya. Estater undertakes market viability and financial feasibility on all types of real estate projects including master plans, mixed use project or standalone properties.

Market Research

150 + market research reports with wide coverage of all segments of the market. Whether you have a market hypothesis or simple a quest to better understand a real estate segment, Estater can help by providing a market overview with location specific research.

Market Outlook Study

Nearly 30 issues of market outlook reports completed so far. Market outlook studies are commissioned to provide macro level research with adequate details for various locations. These studies help in preparing market strategies and action plan for 3-5 years period.

Property Valuation

Hundreds of property pricing and valuation assignments completed. Estater can help provide unit wise pricing for freehold properties by benchmarking their features against current properties in the market. Valuation for lands and income generating properties by incorporating accurate market data.

Market Gap Analysis

50+ gap analysis reports to help the clients identify profitable opportunities. Gaps always exist in the market whether it is an under-represented retail category or a missing property type in a given location. With extensive GIS based data on real estate, Estater helps its clients identify such gaps in the market with detailed analysis.

Design optimization

20+ assignments on design optimization to rationalize cost and maximize profitability. With hundreds of benchmarks developed by efficient design, Estater helps to generate optimization ideas for any type of property design. Our workshops showcase simulation financial models to help our clients achieve substantial reduction in projects costs and increase in profitability.

Mixed Use Master Plan Project

A large master plan project is conceptualized with the development mix including properties in all sectors – residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, etc. in Kuwait. Further, the segmentation of properties into suitable grades such as luxury, premium, standard, etc. is to be done keeping in mind the market absorption capacity. Overall, the objective is to achieve the highest economic value for the project.

REMI Solution

With extensive data on properties from all sectors, REMI was able to create detailed analysis on every sector of Kuwait real estate:

  • Historical data was analyzed to establish trends on occupancy, prices, unit sizes, property features, etc.

  • Market benchmarks were created to identify the sectors and property grades with superior market potential.

  • Long term projections were created using macro-economic, real estate data and demographic data.

  • Sectoral allocation were estimated using robust methodology. Segmentation and property grades were done for every sector.

  • Comparable price approach and residual value analysis were used to establish the prices for different lands.

  • Simulation analysis done to identify the develop mix that offers the highest economic value.

Bidding for a Commercial Project by Public Authority of Housing Welfare

A prominent property developer is looking to bid for a new commercial project offered by Public Authority of Housing Welfare (PAHW) on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in a new city in Kuwait. The bidding process is highly competitive; the bid involves cash flow projections for the next 35 years. Deep market analysis is required to understand the demographic potential of the catchment and the revenue potential of the subject property.

REMI Solution

REMI has build-up extensive data on properties and demographic for all districts of Kuwait. REMI was able to create detailed analysis that helped the client project the revenue from the property over a very long term period and estimate a winning bid:

  • Lease rates of the commercial properties for any catchment is closely linked to the purchasing power of the resident / visiting population. Thus, the demographic analysis included the population, its nationality mix and socio-economic profile.

  • Long term projections were created using macro-economic, real estate data and demographic data.

  • Comparable commercial properties were analyzed for their occupancy, lease rates and tenant mix to establish the demand for various segments.

  • Based on the design, unit mix and tenant mix, the subject property positioning was determined within the urban context. Achievable lease rates for all units were established.

  • Long term projections for the lease rates were created and a winning bid for the client was identified.

Highest and Best Use Study

A prominent real estate company has a land parcel in a prime location in Bahrain with some untapped Floor Area Ratio (FAR). Given the catchment of the land, multiple development options are possible. A highest and best use (HBU) analysis is required to select an appropriate development option and carry out the financial feasibility to estimate the project returns.

REMI Solution

The subject catchment is one of the prime business districts in Bahrain with commercial, hospitality and retail properties around it. Data on all sectors was analyzed to identify the sectors that offer attractive market opportunities. Financial models for each option were created with projections of project cost, revenue, cash flows, IRR, capital mix and return analysis:

  • HBU involves detailed analysis of every possible development option. This covers the market demand, competitive supply, price points and sustainability analysis.

  • Comparative analysis leads to selection of a few development mix options that offer reasonably good cost-benefit profile.

  • Each of these options are then analyzed in further details for their market viability and financial feasibility.

  • HBU ranks different options as per their market viability and financial feasibility. The client selects the most suitable option based on multiple internal constraints.

Geo Estater

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a map tells a story. It speaks to the viewer by exposing its many relationships. Its testimony is unquestioned making it a powerfully persuasive tool. Use of GIS technology is particularly fitting to the application of real estate practice considering that property is geospatial in nature, its associated attributes are plentiful, and the relevance of location is key.

Data collection

Team estater uses various sources to capture the geospatial data and associated data for any location. These various sources include open source data, data collected through rigorious field surveys, paid sources, inhouse map digitisation and acquisition of data from paid sources etc.


The challenge of assimilation of data has always been a challenging task. Since the data comes from various sources it needs to be massaged and cleansed before it can be put to use. Team at Estater is proficient enough to carry out these activities quickly and efficiently. Not limited to location data but the data associated to the location available in different formats and details are also derived for better analysis and reporting.


Geospatial analysis is nothing but locational analytics which Estater terms as Locationalytics – the science of using locational data combined with other information to produce analytics for a given specific location. Various methods and techniques are used in order to produce these analytics. Estater team proficient in using varied technology to perform these kind of Locationalytics resulting into customized reports and better customer experience with detaliled accurate information and custom reports.

Executive Team

Sanjay Goyal

Founder and director of REMI, he has more than 14 years of experience in real estate market research and advisory with extensive work in the industry in the GCC region, India and parts of North Africa. Education qualification as Engineer and MBA Finance from one of the top business schools in India. Sanjay started real estate research business in 2004 in India and set up the GCC operations in 2008. He has written more than 500 real estate research and feasibility studies on Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Ajman, Fujairah, India, Libya and Egypt.

Mahmoud Al Jarrah

Bachelors + MBA, Mahmoud is a well qualified real estate professional with 10 yrs of experience in real estate, Islamic finance, Asset Management and Private Equity. He is also a Certified Valuation Analyst. Mahmoud is a Founder and Director of REMI.

Roobesh Modi

Roobesh Modi, GISP, M. Tech (Remote Sensing & GIS), has over 15 years of experience in spatial technologies viz. GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry. He has sound technology knowledge in the ArcGIS and ArcFM. He is experienced in deployment, implementation and integration of GIS based applications for various industries. Integration of Complex assets, involving GIS and SAP, designing and implementing. He is a functional resource for GIS and has sound knowledge in Integrating GIS with other systems. Roobesh has worked with Accenture, CH2M and Reliance Energy Limited in GIS and related application fields. He joined as a external consultant to REMI in 2014 for the development of Estater and is now a full time member and minority partner in REMI.