What Is an Automated Valuation Model (AVM)?

AVM is the machine behind Estater, the amazing property valuation calculator. With the combination of a large set of data, Automated Valuation Model (AVM) offers an accurate and current value of real estate. It generates property values with more than twenty steps of validation. AVM is based on data science and machine learning concepts.

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Why Choose An (AVM) Automated Valuation Model Calculator?

  • An Automated Valuation Model property valuation calculator will offer you thebest result in a fraction of the time.
  • AVM delivers results on the basis of property characteristics, location, and previous transaction data.
  • This calculation system reduces human intervention.
  • Automated Valuation Model beautifully saves time for the financier, the buyer, and the seller. Manual property inspection to be carried out only in select cases.
  • Manual property inspection to be carried out only in select cases.
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How (AVM) Automated Valuation Model in Estater Meter estimates property price?

  • AVM makes use of the previous transaction data of lands and properties to generate the estimates of property values.
  • The data is associated with a number of amenities, such as highway access, mosques, universities, shopping centres, etc.
  • Property features such as land area, corner, access streets, etc. are captured automatically.
  • Machine goes through more than 25 iterations and predicts the value of a property.
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What makes the Automated Valuation Model a Unique Calculator?

  • The value is subject to features of the individual property such as highway distance, corners, etc.
  • ​​It helps in the decision-making process by reducing the need for manual inspection that consumes time and cost. ​
  • AVM furnishes the price of real estate corresponding to the block and district.
  • It also lays out the nearby geographical factors of a property.
  • Risks are minimized in the entire appraisal process. ​​
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What is the overall Objective of the AVM (Automated Valuation Model)?

  • AVM is the decision-making algorithm that aims to estimate the precise value for any type of property instantly. ​​
  • It implements more than 36,000 lines of code to produce a fast and accurate result.
  • AVM valuation models remove human biases and subjectivity, relying on machine objectivity.
  • Gives you an opportunity to compare similar real estate values.
  • It reduces the cost of valuing a property as compared to the traditional methods.​
  • The output of AVM is free from fraud risk and manipulation.​​
  • AVM saves time, money, resources, and efforts in determining the actual value of the property. ​​