About Our Real Estate Market Intelligence Tool

Market Intelligence is a powerful product that give you an edge

Real Estate Market intelligence is a comprehensive real estate data analytics tool which uses real estate data to generate customizable reports on various segments of real estate. A combination of data, and interactive filters helps user generate reports specific to their needs

How Does Real Estate Market Intelligence Product Work?

Leading source of market real estate intelligence

We collect and maintain one of the largest and most comprehensive property transaction dataset in Middle East

Tracking the transaction data to provide better insights on pricing and valuations.

Lease & Sale Rate

Tracking the lease and sale rate to establish valuations of comparable properties

Neighborhood Wise Data

Flexibility in selection of catchments to ensure reports based on custom user requirements.

Growth Rate

Time series analysis of indicators to understand the dynamics of real estate in a catchment

Demography & Nationality

Insights on demography of an area based on age groups/gender/nationality for a selected catchment


List of amenities offered by the developers across the various property grades

Estater has delivered 250+ studies on different types of real estate projects in last 10 years. These include master plans, large residential projects, office buildings, retail malls and plazas, industrial areas and hospitality. Our data covers all the key features for lands, properties and their market performance for all locations in Kuwait and Bahrain.
Retail and F&B

Segment includes retail malls, high street retail, stand-alone retail, restaurants and other F&B Outlets


Segment comprises of workshops, manufacturing industries, storage units & warehouses


Residential segment consists of Investment housing and private housing segment

Office Space Segment

Office space segment include stand-alone office buildings and business parks

Land Parcel

Land parcel data includes various attributes associated with parcel such as land zoning


The segment includes Hotels, serviced apartment, resorts and home stays

Estater provides a variety of real estate research and advisory services to help its clients take better decision.
Project Feasibility Study

Market viability and financial feasibility for all types of real estate projects

Market Research

Market overview with location specific research for a better of real estate markets

Market Outlook Study

Provides macro level research with adequate strategies for various locations

Property Valuation

Valuation for lands, freehold properties and income generating properties by incorporating

Market Gap Analysis

Support the clients to identify market gap between existing demand and opportunities

Design Optimization

Assist the clients to generate optimization ideas for any type of property design across the asset classes

We developed a technology platform that helps real estate professionals, investors, developers, and consumers.
Land Parcel Data

Capturing all the attributes of land parcel using GIS and comprehensive database management systems

Data Collection

Primary as well as secondary data collection from various sources for all the asset classes


Multi level quality assurance and quality checks to ensure error free data


Combination of location data along with other information to produce meaningful reports

Mapping & Visualization

GIS based mapping of properties for better visualization of the attributes and data

Built In Analysis

Custom filter selections within reports for user specific charts and data

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