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Gate mall, Kuwait is one of the prominent fashion destinations in Egaila. The mall is well known for its shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences in the location. Located among various small retail centres across the 104th road, Egaila, the Gate mall stands out with some of the best national and international brands across various shopping categories. Debenhams, H&M and Zara are some of the prominent fashion outlets in the mall. Entertainment facilities like Grand Cinemas, Fun city also form a major attraction in the mall. Various F&B outlets like Friday’s, Zufa, Shake Shack, Pistachio and Kashounat Al Bait offer a wide range of dining options in the mall. The restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines including, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and American cuisines.


1. Shopping in Gate Mall: The Gate mall houses approximately 500 retail shops across 6 floors. It offers a great shopping experience for the customers allowing them to choose from a wide range of lifestyle products. The shops cater to all the segments of customers across various age groups and brand preferences. Some of the prominent brands include Zara, Riva, American Eagle, The Athlete’s foot, La vie En Rose, Lauren Vidal, Swarovski Calzedonia, Dune London and many more.

2. F&B in Gate Mall: The Gate mall offers a great variety of food options including fine dine, food joints, coffee shops and cafes. Some prominent F&B options include TGI’s Friday’s, Zufa, Emirgan Sutis, Burger Boutique, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Pink Los Angeles and many more. A wide variety of choices are available in the mall serving famous cuisines from different parts of the world.

3. Entertainment and Leisure activities in Gate Mall: Along with the great shopping experience, the Gate mall offers some great entertainment and leisure activities. Grand Cinemas offer a great movie experience in the mall. Similarly, there are other entertainment options for kids like Fun City, Game Store and Babydo by Occa which makes the mall a perfect leisure destination for families.

4. Other Facilities in Gate Mall: The Gate mall also facilitates various emergency services and facilities including first aid, customer care, free Wi-Fi, baby service, free porter service, disability support service and valet parking.

Major Attractions in The Gate Mall:

The Gate mall offers various entertainment and leisure activities for the people of various age groups. The major attractions of the mall include:

1. The Grand Cinemas: The Cinema is first of its kind in Cinemas with just 17 seats in Gate Mall. The luxury theatre is specifically designed to offer an optimal view to each viewer. It is designed to offer privacy along with a relaxing experience in reclining leather armchairs and cozy blankets.

2. Fun City: Fun City offers some of the best entertainment experience for the children from 1-12 years of age. It is an ideal play centre designed for the kids to learn while playing. The play area offers ample space for kids to slides, climb, jump and enjoy other play activities.

Interesting Facts about Gate Mall:

  1. The total gross leasable area for the mall is estimated to be around 35,550 m2 as per Estater estimates.
  2. The malls are predominantly a fashion destination with fashion, shoes and accessories account for approx. 65% of the total GLA
  3. Entertainment category accounts for approx. 16% of the total GLA. Grand Cinema Cinemas and Fun City being some of the largest tenants in the mall.
  4. Lefties occupy a maximum of 14 units in the mall.

Shop Your favourite brands in Gate Mall Kuwait

Gate mall houses a wide range of fashion brands, offering the customers a great variety to choose from. Fashion brands including apparels shoes, cosmetics and accessories account for 65% of the malls leasable area. H&M, Zara, Lefties, Trends and Riva are some of the large fashion stores in the mall. The mall offers a one stop solution to choose from a wide mix of fashion accessories like Riva, Payless, Deichmann, Charles and Keith and Parfois. Apart from kids play area, the mall also has some premium kids toys store like Debenhams and Hamleys. Debenhams occupies one of the largest stores in the mall accounting for approx. 6% of the total GLA.

Cafes, Fine & Bistro Dining at The Assima Mall Kuwait

The Mall also has some of the best Dining and F&B options available including TGI’s Friday’s, Zufa, Emirgan Sutis, Burger Boutique, Burger King, Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, Pink Los Angeles. One can choose from a wide variety of foods and cuisines available.

Cafes and Coffee Shop in Gate mall:

  1. Starbucks: Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee chains offering a wide variety of customised coffee options. Starbucks positions itself as not just a cafe but also a place or community, a comfortable third place away from the demands of work and home.
  2. Esquires: Esquires Coffee is again a popular coffee shop chain offering a wide range of foods and beverages including organic coffee, cakes, muffins, healthy salads, and sandwiches.
  3. Cafe Bazza: Cafe Bazza offers a wide range of food choices including breakfast options, beverages, wraps, tandoors, and other main course meals. The place is designed to depict the traditional as well as the modernity of Kuwait.  

Dine In Restaurants in Gate mall:

  1. Cuts Steak House: Cuts is a Southern American style steakhouse originally from Atlanta. They offer fine dine experience with speciality in steaks, shrimps, grits, burgers and sandwiches.
  2. The Yellow Chilli: The Yellow Chilli Restaurant by famous Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor offers a fine dine experience with cuisines particularly from India. The Restaurant serves the signature dishes by the celebrity chef.
  3. Mr. Greek: Mr. Greek is a fast food dine in option available in Gate mall famous for its Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant serves salads, pitas, burgers, wraps and other combos.

Located among a cluster of malls, one can say gate mall provides a unique shopping experience for the people willing to explore a wide range of fashions brands under one single roof. The mall also provides a unique and lavish cinema experience in the city as well as an interactive play area for children, which makes it a great shopping destination in the area.

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