About Estater Meter

Estater Meter use the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Science to make smart real estate decisions. Estater Merter is prominent tool for decision making in real estate property valuations and overview the various property attributes such as Amenities, Highways, Visibility, corner....etc.

Estater Meter Compare and estimate the values of similar real estate properties at the same point in time.

  • ​Instant property valuation​
  • Prominent tool for decision making in real estate
  • Valuation based real time actual characteristics of property​
  • Objective, non-biased and cost-effective tool​
  • Comparable tool provides quick estimates w.r.t. property’s attributes.
  • ​Largest Real Estate Database that you can rely on
  • Interactive GIS maps to accurately visualize volumes of property information
  • Based on advance machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence in order to provide accurate valuations
  • Statistically more accurate at producing valuation in aggregate​

How It Works

Estater is a propTect company which use AVM module to refine their data

Buying and selling real estate properties has become easier with emerging PropTech companies.

1AVM Objective

AVM is a modern term used to describe service globally that fuses statistical and mathematical model

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2 Data Science

Data Science is practice of organizing and analyzing of data to gain insights that can be helpful for human making decision.

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3Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of data science that allows software to become more accurate at prediction or estimate future values.

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  • Property Valuation Methods
  • Hedonic Regression
  • Methodology (read more...)

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