AVM - Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values

With the absolute combination of data science and machine learning, wonderful software is developed, which is termed AVM (Automated Valuation Model). It estimates the value of any real estate in a fraction of time. We incorporate more than 15 algorithms that make it easy to find the best possible outcomes.

AVM uses location and property features such as land area, setback, highway access, and visibility as criteria to estimate property values. It uses structured data and machine learning to generate estimates of property values, with little human intervention.

AVM is easy to use, and its accuracy is calculated by over 12 model evaluation criteria. It helps both the lenders and consumers reduce human involvement, save time, and make smart real estate decisions with accurate data.

Property Evaluation Tool Cutting Through the Hype!
  • This methodology uses previously recorded property transactions and sets of features related to the land, highway access, visibility, and nearby amenities of every individual property.
  • It uses machine learning to assess data and find the best correlation of attributes that makes sense.
  • Performs a variety of mathematical and statistical models to find the best value for their product. More than 12 models are used in each iteration for price validation.
  • With each model, AVM assesses the property price and then generates estimations. It also identifies which area of your neighbourhood will most likely have the higher value, as a final step.
AVM offers Easy and Quick Insights into Property Values

Calculating property value takes time, effort, and expertise with large information and hence people are advised to find a professional for assistance.

With AVM, estimates of a property value can be obtained in seconds. Property owners will know exactly how much they should be offered to make it financially feasible.

Using data science, AVM provides insights into real estate market conditions by identifying the current price trends. Estater helps clients understand the real estate market based on land attributes, category roads, and other basic amenities that matter. Although sellers reap the benefits of the present-day prices, homebuyers can use AVM data to evaluate their investments and receive legitimate quotes at a fair rate.

Reasons to love this Miracle of Technology

Estater company has created a property valuation tool, to help you figure out how much your house or real estate assets are worth. AVM looks at how far the property is from public transit, the schools in the area, and the number of other homes in the neighbourhood. It also considers factors such as highway access, nearby mosques, open parking, and supermarkets.

It is backed by more than 36,000 lines of code algorithm to offer the accurate value of the property. AVM helps you in the decision-making process. With greater precision value it presents confidence in the accuracy of the result.

With the convenient, fast, and competitive alternative to traditional property appraisal, you will minimize the time spent on the valuation process. It amazingly reduces the risk of human error and the cost associated with the traditional appraisal method.

The Objective of AVM

The objective of asset-valuation software, AVM, is to offer a fast, accurate, and convenient means of determining the market value of properties.

It has its roots in the concept that when an owner sells a property—the property is selling two assets: real estate (the physical building) and the land it sits on. With the land being scarce resource appreciates over time while the built-up property depreciates over time, the AVM values them separately and adds up to arrive at the total value.

AVM reckons key parameters, including the type of location, size, age, quality, and building conditions to estimate the final value.

Also, it compares the value of similar real estate values so that you can make better decisions.

AVM is designed for:
  • Mortgage Services
  • Government Agencies
  • Investors
  • Valuators/appraisers
  • Lending institutions
  • Real estate agencies/realtors
  • Investment professionals