Home Buyers

Let our algorithm help you improve home buying decision You can now get instant and cost-effective valuations online with just a click.

  • ​Real-time Evaluation of property
  • Makes your decision-making process easier
  • Quick overview of features/amenities for properties you are interested in
  • Compare property feature before buying
  • Hassle-free property search from the comfort of your home​

Home Sellers

Our tool uses mathematical models for predicting the estimate market value of your property.

  • ​Provides statistical accurate results to estimate price of your property
  • Saves time and money to help in the decision-making
  • Showcase the alluring features of your property to attract home buyers
  • Check the individualized prices for every amenities
  • Streamline selling point without any third-party interventions


You can now evaluate your profits better with our online valuation tool.

  • ​Estimate or Calculate property values with increased transparency
  • Fast and ease of accessibility to lands and properties
  • Map-based search interface offers an easy and quick way to run property comparables
  • Get a complete neighborhood analysis done before investing


Real estate agents can now equip themselves with our tool to grow their business.

  • ​Make tactical decisions with data analytics on the demands for properties
  • Provide details of amenities around the property to your clients
  • User-friendly interface with efficient search and filtering options
  • Enhance your business methodology basis our large data that is readily available
  • Help clients to make decisions faster


Our tool helps banks in their lending processes and risk assessment. It can help them move ahead in this industry by offering accurate analysis to the decision-makers.

  • ​Ease of tracking the valuation of properties before financing against collateral to customers
  • Periodic valuation of properties in a year.... with no extra cost
  • Save time in approving finance
  • Detection of potential fraud through the review of mortgage financing transactions
  • Track leasing activities to determine accurate values


Our system helps companies analyze market data before investment.

  • ​Access to the largest database on real estate market in the GCC region
  • Valuation of all types of properties – multi family, private houses, retail, offices, etc.
  • Sophisticated Data Science and Geographic Information systems to make smart decisions
  • Supports the assessment and administration of property management
  • Helps to determine the best investment / sale opportunities and in the market