Geo Estater - GIS Technology

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a map tells a story. It speaks to the viewer by exposing its many relationships. Its testimony is unquestioned making it a powerfully persuasive tool. Use of GIS technology is particularly fitting to the application of real estate practice considering that property is geospatial in nature, its associated attributes are plentiful, and the relevance of location is key.

Geospatial Data Collection

Team estater uses various sources to capture the geospatial data and associated data for any location. These various sources include open source data, data collected through rigorious field surveys, paid sources, inhouse map digitisation and acquisition of data from paid sources etc.


Geospatial Data Cleansing

The challenge of assimilation of data has always been a challenging task. Since the data comes from various sources it needs to be massaged and cleansed before it can be put to use. Team at Estater is proficient enough to carry out these activities quickly and efficiently. Not limited to location data but the data associated to the location available in different formats and details are also derived for better analysis and reporting.


Geospatial Locationalytics

Geospatial analysis is nothing but locational analytics which Estater terms as Locationalytics – the science of using locational data combined with other information to produce analytics for a given specific location. Various methods and techniques are used in order to produce these analytics. Estater team proficient in using varied technology to perform these kind of Locationalytics resulting into customized reports and better customer experience with detaliled accurate information and custom reports.