There are certain methodologies that enable us to arrive at an accurate valuation for your property or the property you are interested in. These methodologies take into consideration the market value of a property in comparison with similar other properties, its prospects of fetching rental income, the percentage of appreciation each year, as well as certain costs that one is likely to incur for its maintenance.

We have come up with property valuation methods to help you make sound decisions:

1. Sales Comparable Approach or Market Approach

This approach determines the value of a property based on recent sales data pertaining to a similar property in a similar location.​​

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2. Cost Plus Approach

The cost approach evaluates a property based on the current value of the land, the cost to build the property, and various costs that are likely to be incurred on a regular basis, minus any depreciation due to property age.​​​

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3. Income Approach

This approach takes into consideration the potential income a buyer is likely to generate from a property. This includes current rental income and its rate of appreciation based on local market research.​​​

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