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Your ultimate source of real estate data and reports

Your ultimate source of real estate data and reports

3 Steps to Evaluate Your Property

Using Estater Meter

Choose the Property to Evaluate By

(1) specifying its address or (2) searching for it on the map.

Specify Property's Details

Enter the building area, property type, and other relevant details.

Get Your Property's Estimated Value

Including the land value, built-up area value, and the total property value.

Who is Estater?

A leading real estate data and PropTech company in the (GCC) region, offering innovative solutions in real estate valuation and enterprise data intelligence.

  • Estater Meter: A tool for evaluating properties in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Riyadh based on user-added data like building area and property type.
  • Estater Markets: A tool that helps you create real estate reports such as catchment area analysis, real estate inventory, and lease and occupancy rates.
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